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Pink Petals on My Morning Walk

August 31, 2006

Tuesday morning I was walking to work on a different route than usual. I passed this one condo building with a lot of trees and shrubbery in front. I noticed that there were beautiful pink and white petals strewn all over the thick shrubs. I thought it strange, and wondered where they came from. I looked up and noticed the trees had pink and white flowers all over them. They were gorgeous, giant blooms which had clearly reached the end of their cycle. At that moment  another petal fell to the shrubs below.

As my eyes followed the falling petal, I caught sight of a homeless woman ahead of me sitting on the granite separating the shrubs from the sidewalk. She was running her hand from the back of her head to front in deliberate strokes. Once she reached the front of her scalp, she was flicking her hand strongly as it came out of her short hair. I was kind of grossed out when I thought this was probably how she cleaned her hair.

She reached around to do another stroke. Continuing my gait, I had a second thought.

Her hand finished a stroke and she flicked her wrist with determination.

“Oh my gosh, she probably has…”

Flicked it hard right into the path of my oncoming head of hair.


I spent the rest of my walk scratching a psychosomatic itchy scalp.

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  1. September 5, 2006 5:21 pm

    Now see I was thinking this was giong to be some touching story about how the homeless are people to and girl you did NOT dissapoint me…homeless people so need to bathe! Love NYC! PS…HAD A FANTASTIC TIME WITH YOU AND KEL!

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