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The Accidental Peeping Tom

February 19, 2007

She was getting ready for the show, and was in a hurry. After a long afternoon shopping like a true New Yorker, the young woman came home, threw the bags down on her bed, and peeled her clothes off to take a shower. Her roommate was always late, but she didn’t want to be behind. They had tickets to a great show, and she didn’t want to miss one minutes of it. She peeled off her shirt, dropped the bra, and threw them on the growing heap on her bed.

Then suddenly, without warning, she glanced up and locked eyes with her very shocked (and incidentally new) neighbor.

For a moment neither party moved, he- too stunned to look away and she- too horrified at being caught, naked in front of the window. After, what might have seemed like a minute, but was probably no more than ½ second, she fled the room, screaming for her roommate to share her humiliating experience, (while snatching a shirt on her way out).

As she went to close the drapes the next day, having been tramautized the day before, she noticed her new neighbor had rearranged the living room, so the couch was facing the opposite way. Clearly, the trauma was shared.

(Yes, it really happened to a friend of mine, and we having a great laugh about it.)

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