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The Contest of Broken Bones.

April 23, 2007

The clairvoyant waved her hand in a random, and what Dolores supposed should look, mystical manner. It just made her seem crazy to Dolores. The clairvoyant had said her name was Venus Mystere, although it probably was something mundane like Margaret. Although she was desperate to know when she might meet her soulmate, suddenly Dolores wasn’t so sure this was the way to go.

Suddenly, Venus/Margaret opened her eyes wide, her hands still in the air waving wildly. Venus’s wide eyes looked over at Dolores, and Dolores, couldn’t help but open her eyes wide. Venus/Margaret leaned over the table toward Dolores.

“A kitten’s claw and a country song,” she whispered, so softly, Dolores wasn’t sure she had heard the clairvoyant correctly.

“Excuse me?” Dolores asked.

“A kitten’s claw and a country song,” Venus/Margaret practically shouted this time. “Yes, I see it so clearly. And its coming soon, too, my dear.”

Dolores scratched her head. What was this crazy woman talking about?

“But I asked you when I would meet my soulmate. How does this answer my question?” she said out of frustration.

Venus/Margaret matched her frustrated look with one of her own. Dolores almost found the look condescending.

“When you see the kitten’s claw and hear a country song at the same time, you will have found your one true love,” the clairvoyant remarked quite casually. Dolores felt quite stupid, although she couldn’t figure out why.

“Oh ok, I see.” Dolores replied, although she knew she didn’t. Venus-Margaret flipped her hands as if to dismiss Dolores. Apparently, her five bucks had gone as far as it would go. Dolores didn’t listen to country music, and she didn’t have a cat, so she had wasted enough money on this crazy woman. She had to get to work as a X-Ray technician anyway.

She walked out of the dark room and into the sunshine, her mood soured at the thought of having wasted five dollars. She checked her watch and silently cursed. She was going to be late now, and that was only if the traffic wasn’t too bad. She ran to her car and started on her way.

As she pulled up to the hospital, she looked again at her watch. Thirty minutes late! She was never late, and head technician this didn’t look good. Even worse than that was the fact that a new technician was supposed to start today. She ran from her car to the X-Ray room. As she walked in to the room, she clearly heard an annoying country song playing in the boom box they had in the corner of the room -Achy-Breaky Heart she thought.

How ironic, Dolores thought.

Her new technician had a patient already. She rushed over, and clearly saw the patient had a broken arm and was barely conscious. The new technician looked up at Dolores and smiled.

“Hi, I’m Robert. Sorry, they brought this guy in five minutes ago, and I didn’t know what to do so I just started in on him.” Robert looked down at the patient, and shuddered. Dolores was speechless. Robert was very cute.

“Great start to my new job, huh?” he said looking back up, completely oblivious to Dolores’ stare. “This is one of the worst breaks I’ve seen, and, even better… look at this.” He pointed up at the digital screen where the X-ray machine showed what the bone looked like.

“This poor guy was trying to save a kitten stuck in a tree and he fell, but not before grabbing the kitten. On the way down, the kitten got scared to death and dug his claw in the poor guys arm. But then to make matter’s worse, one of the kitten’s claws got stuck in the poor guy! Look, right there.” Robert pointed to the bright spot on the X-Ray. He looked at Dolores, with an incredulous look.

Suddenly, Dolores started laughing. She was laughing so hard, tears came to her eyes. Robert thought the story was funny, but maybe it wasn’t appropriate to laugh in front of the patient. But her laughter was infectious, and he found himself chuckling too. After awhile Dolores calmed down. She wiped her eyes.

“I’m sorry, it’s just been a very interesting day. I think it might get even more interesting, too!” she said. She flashed Robert a smile, and Robert felt his stomach jump a little. He noticed she had a very nice smile…

{Yes, I realize it looks nothing like a kitten’s claw, but it’s too much fun to say “kitten’s claw” to not put it in a story at least once, and I saw my opportunity. “Seize the day” is my motto.}

4 Comments leave one →
  1. April 23, 2007 7:27 pm

    “A kitten’s claw and a country song” – wonderful!

  2. April 24, 2007 1:32 am

    Very nice. I love happy endings.

  3. April 24, 2007 7:43 pm

    Ohhh, nice. I like it–very fun! =)

  4. April 29, 2007 12:36 pm

    cute short story!

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