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Nothing But Red

June 20, 2007

I’ve refrained from blogging about this on purpose, but I finally feel ready to announce my involvement in this project.

As most of you know, I blogged about Joss Whedon’s rant on, concerning “honor killings”, misogeny, and violence in general. I know that often times my blog can stray over into the political, and that isn’t always the most entertaining read. But the truth is I blog about it because I think about these things often. And I often ask myself: Why am I not doing something? Why do I admire friends like Sonia (who is volunteering in the Peace Corps) and Kalilah (also volunteering in South Africa), but never do anything myself? I don’t feel that I need to be in Africa to do something. In fact, I’m a bit unconvinced of the good this does in the long turn. But still I do so little.

So, in reading the comments on Whedonesque, I noticed a comment by a woman who claimed to be a published author, and who suggested people put together an anthology to support Equality Now, and do it in memory of Du’a Khalil. This idea really struck me. I love to write! It was perfect. I could do this. I immediately e-mailed her, and over the last month have been in contact with about a dozen others, including Skyla (the idea originator) who are also gung-ho for the project. We are actually doing real progress and getting in touch with activists, authors, and even a few minor celebrities to get contributions to this project. And this is only 30 days in!

Go to or click on the title to find out more on the project.

Right now we are looking for contributors. We are just in the beginning phases, and don’t plan on publishing until April 7, 2008, which is the anniversary of Du’a’s death. Spread the word, feel free to publish this on any website/blog/forum you want. And if you are interested in submitting a piece for the project or helping with editing (I’m looking at you, Amy.) it could help build a resume/portfolio.
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  1. June 22, 2007 2:03 pm

    Dude, I’m totally interested in editing anything anyone wants to throw my way.Very, very cool. Glad you made it public.

  2. July 4, 2007 4:18 am

    Hey Angela, I’d love to contribute. I followed the link and read the submission guidelines. I have quite a bit to say about violence against women as a matter of fact. How would you feel about reading it before I submit it finally?

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