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Fall turns to Winter

December 12, 2007
I’m going away again. This time Las Vegas, then to Texas for Christmas. I haven’t been so excited to go home in a long time. I need the break. I need to feel in charge of my life and I can feel that way at home. I need my sister. Vegas is for work, and only for three nights, two days, but I still think it will be interesting. I’ve never been to Vegas.
Here are some fall pictures taken in November. I actually took them in Jersey while I was at the grocery store. This fall was particularly lovely, and it lasted a long time.
The next two pictures were taken of the view from the boyfriends apartment on Thanksgiving. I know they are bit blurry, but I used a longer exposure time to get the lights right. Sorry. The Empire State building was red, orange and yellow. It was really pretty. I think that is my favorite combination.
And then a week and a half ago, the day that the bf was going to India, we woke up and realized it had snowed through the night. It didn’t last long, but it was the first good dusting of the season, so we took pictures.
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