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Nothin But Red- Only five more days before…

April 2, 2008


I can’t believe we made it this far. I can’t believe we really did it, and I’m so proud to be a part of this project. I’m so proud to have submitted something, and I’m so proud of all the other submitters. As Skyla said, the best part of this is that we have taken action, no matter how much money was raised. No matter how many lives are saved or not, we did it. And I believe that people will be affected, maybe not in major ways, but even a tiny moment would be enough.

We will be publishing this on Monday, April 7th, the anniversary of Du’a’s death. All proceeds are going to Equality Now. Please visit their website, if you haven’t already and see what they do. We believe that the book will be available from Amazon. Details will be coming by the end of the week.

In the meantime, there are other things that you can do to help stop honor killings. Here is a list from The International Campaign Against Honour Killings website:

  • What you can do:

    Find out more about Du’a Khalil

    Spread the word.-Write a letter to your local papers, raising the issue of so-called ‘honour’ killing.

    Blog for Du’a- Write a blog entry for Du’a Khalil on the 7th April, perhaps using one of our graphics available here, or post about her story on your forums

    Contact the KRG-Send an email to the Kurdistan Regional Government asking what progress there has been in finding and prosecuting Du’a’s killers and what they intend to do to reduce the rate of ‘honour’ killings in Kurdistan (there have been at least 300 other victims since Du’a’s death.)

    Sign the petition- Sign the petition, join the Facebook group

    Tell someone about it- Whether your friend, relative or workmate, use April 7th to tell Du’a’s story and highlight the inhumanity of ‘honour’ killings across the world

    Get together- Organise an event to remember Du’a, whether its a candle-lit vigil or a private gathering to remember her. You can discuss ideas and get together in this thread and please send us your photographs.

    Put up a poster- Print out and put up a poster in your window to show that Du’a Khalil is not forgotten. Download Colour poster or Black and white [Large PDF files]

    Join the Facebook event A Facebook event has been created: click here to join.

    Read a good book- The anthology written in honour of Du’a Khalil Nothing But Red will be launched on April 7th with proceeds going to Equality Now

    If you are in Britain- Go to the Conference in London on 12th April. More details here

    If you are in France- Go to the Conference in Paris on 7th April. More details here

    If you have any other suggestions about how to mark this terrible anniversary, please contact The International Campaign Against Honour Killings.

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