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Edited by Amy: Holy Cow!

May 1, 2008

I’m going to India in a week and a half!

The magnitude of what I’m doing sunk in somewhere in between after I started to pack up my room, and before I had a meltdown thinking my passport and wallet had been stolen only to find it on my bed.

Monday, my back decided to throw a tantrum. My doctor called it “spasms”. I called it “For-the-love-of-God-woman-give-me-some muscle-relaxants”. So after some anti-inflammatories and a few of aforementioned drug, I’m feeling a lot better. Did I mention the Cabernet? Oops.

Anyhoo…(or is it moo?) I think I get it now. The thing is my emotions are completely at odds with each other right now. I’m sad that I’m leaving my friends and boyfriend, but happy that I’m going away. I’m sad that I’m leaving my job, but happy that I won’t be working. I don’t want to miss the whole summer here, but excited to do new things by myself. I’m scared that something bad is going to happen, but looking forward to challenging myself. AHHHH! Just pick an emotion and stick to it, Angie! (Side note: There are about ten people in the world who are allowed to call me Angie, and I’m one of those people, so stop smirking Amelia Kathryn.)

I am officially excited. I’m so happy to see Sister. We will be crossing each other mid air, almost literally. She is flying one direction, and I’m flying the other. Funny, huh? Our meeting in Mumbai will be proof that the world is round. (Not that we doubt it, but you get the point.) It’s exciting. But I’m also nervous about leaving. I was packing up clothes, and getting nostalgic about some items.

“Ooohh, lovely red and white summer dress, how I long to wear you this season, but I can’t take you with me.” I would exclaim, followed with a long sigh. Etc, etc.

Wow. This is kind of crazy. I don’t think about these kinds of things being crazy, until the reality of it starts sinking in. I think it a blessed flaw of mine. My inability to comprehend the magnitude and repercussions of an action allows me to take bold risks. Hmm. That’s kind of deep of me to realize I guess. Whatever. The point is I’m doing it, and I know I’ll be really happy with it, and I’m very excited. I just need to get through the next week and a half, and I’m home free, or rather home-less.

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  1. May 2, 2008 9:48 am

    Dude, you totally spelled my name wrong. Kathryn. Geez, get it right. =) (Anne of Green Gables moment: “Catherine with a ‘C’ looks so smug!”)A week and a half?!?! Yikes!And, by my standards, the damn word should be spelled “anyhoo.” “Who” should have nothing to do with it. It’s a pet peeve of mine. But I definitely liked your “anymoo.”Mmm. Muscle relaxants are my friend. I’m out of mine and need a refill badly.HAVE FUN! The prep is part of the fun, too, by the way.

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