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Watch out Michael Phelps!

January 26, 2009

I decided at the last minute to do something I’ve wanted to do instead of going straight to yoga. Was this a stalling tactic to put off a long term commitment to a healthy lifestyle? Probably. But in my defense I signed up for something healthy.

I signed up for swim lessons.
Imagine the most delicious looking chocolate cake in the world. Its a home made German chocolate cake, with fresh coconut, real caramel, perfectly roasted pecans. Rich chocolaty cake so moist that it literally looks like it will melt in your mouth. You take one bite of that perfect looking cake and realize the cook put too much baking soda in it. It’s sour, disgusting and no longer appealing once you taste it.

That’s what the water has been like for me. I love the water. I love the ocean. I love pools. I look at them with longing. I get excited to go to the beach, and I ask Baba to go to the pool with me all the time, but I have a mild fear of the water. I always get really excited to swim, but then when I actually get in a pool, I’m over it very quickly. I can’t swim right. And I’m constantly trying to keep my head above water. My big fear is putting my nose in the water. I’m scared that the water will come up. I’m afraid that I’ll accidentally breathe, and then die. Water is like cake for me.

However, after only one lesson, I’m so happy about my decision. I’ve been working actively to get over my fear since scuba lessons so it shouldn’t come a surprise that with the right lessons, and a patient instructor I will be able to get over this fairly quickly. But I’m still really surprised at how well this is going.

I went on Saturday, and the instructor taught me a few exercises to do in the pool to get me breathing right while swimming, and to alleviate some fear I had. I made some real progress at the end of the lesson, and promised to do some “homework” at my boyfriend’s place. This Sunday, I spent about an hour and a half funning around in the pool, doing the exercises. After a little while, I was doing it pretty good. After about an hour, I having an absolute blast in the water. I’m sure I looked silly. I was having so much fun in my own new found water world. For once the chef didn’t spoil that cake.

So I’m really excited to go to my next lesson. I think I’ll get pretty far in my lessons. I’ve signed up for five, and we’ll see what I do after that. In the mean time, I going to go to whatever free yoga lessons, I can find, in order to find the right studio, and the right kind of yoga.

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  1. January 28, 2009 7:52 pm

    How did I not know/remember this? In any case, good for you!

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