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Empire Sunset

September 28, 2010

I dragged Baba on a touristy thing with lots of the tourists and he pretended he wasn’t completely annoyed and he didn’t bother pretending he wasn’t bored while I proceeded to click close to 200 shots and use words like exposure time, and aperature setting, which he completely ignored and then did a lot of sighing near the end, so finally in exasperation I gave in and we went to dinner.   Baba and I went to Top of the Rock this weekend.

Here are some of the shots. Flickr (link on the side) will have the stats for how I shot these.  Some of them had reeeeaalllyyyy loooonnnnggg exposure times, and I only had one of those hand held tiny tripod thingys so they might not be as crisp as you’d like.  Also, the computer with Photoshop is currently giving me the Blue Screen of Death (dum, dum, duuumm), and so much to my chagrin, these are all SOotC.

You can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

The Brooklyn Bridge is in the background. MetLife and Chrysler are visible.

Lights are red, yellow, and black for the German Consulate's Steuben Day Parade

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  1. October 1, 2010 9:36 am

    Pretty spectacular. Alternately: pretty, spectacular.

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