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Why I’m Not Writing- and an Offer

January 20, 2011

I’ve been in Florida for almost three months now.  I’ve been in my apartment for two months and it still is so bare, it probably doesn’t look like I actually live there. 

I have a mattress on the floor, two night stands I picked up at a flea market for cheap, a couple of lamps, a single chair in the living room with a TV dinner table, and (new addition!) a small picnic table.  That single chair is in front of a TV on an 8 dollar Ikea table.  And that, folks, is it.  Oh, I also have about 15 books on the floor in the living room.  I can’t afford furniture, but I can afford books.  (Listen, you’ll pry my reading material from my cold dead hands, mkay?)

I’ve grown used to the empty apartment.  The problem is that I don’t have any money for stuff.  In two and a half months, I’ve had only one full paycheck due to the unfortunate coincidence of getting a new job right around holiday time- holidays that aren’t paid vacation until after three months of working at this new establishment.  I was unemployed for two months before that. 

Then there is the little affair happening in India in less than two months.  Nothing major, just a three day destination wedding, and a two week vacation.  Things are tight.  Uncomfortably tight.  I finally broke down and got a credit card.  First time in a long time I’ve had a credit card.  It’s making me very nervous.  I have a plan to pay it off, so we should be OK, but it’s still a credit card. 

However, all of that is not why I’m not writing much these days.  That answer is far lamer on the surface.  It’s free to write afterall, so why not write more, Starling? 

I have no table to put my laptop on and write comfortably.  I know- sounds lame.  Except it isn’t really.  I have no space.  No easy place to sit down and be creative.  Getting the laptop out at all these days is such a damn hassle.  I have to clear away everything on my tiny table space and then I have to clear it away again when I want to eat.  And I can’t use the picnic table.  See I have only one chair, so the only way to sit at that table is to move the table and then move it back after I’m done.  No, I have to use that table for storage and use the TV dinner table for work and eat space.  It’s easily moveable; the chair is not. 

It’s annoying.  Very annoying.  But for now the situation remains.  I did finish a chapter of the novel a couple of days ago, but it sucks.  It’s seriously the worst part I’ve written, and I know why.  I just needed to do something on the novel, and so I got it done.  But that’s why the blog has been silent for a while now.  It’s not my choice, it’s not what I want for this blog.  I have really high hopes for it, which is why I bothered to pay for the domain and re-organize my entire library of posts.  I’m proud of this blog, and I consider it to be an important part of who I am. 

So I’m doing something I’ve never done before.  I’m asking for help.  It has nothing to do with the fact that I think there should be more posts on here, but more because it’s the excuse I’ve needed to do something I’ve been talking about doing with a few people for a while.  I want guest bloggers.  I’m looking at you- you know who you are. 

Here are the guidelines for my guest posts, if anyone is interested: 

1) It must fit into the Reflection category.  

2) It should be about things that are near and dear to my heat:  Gender equality, fighting religious intolerance, spiritual matters, cross-cultural relationships, and family.  It could be something else, but keep the tone of my usual Reflection posts in mind. 

3) It must have a related graphic attached to it, and you must have the legal right to use this graphic.   It can be a photo, a drawing, a graph, whatever. If you’re having trouble coming up with one, let me know. 

Maybe you’ve written something that doesn’t quite fit your blog content.  Or maybe you’ve had this idea floating around and this is the opportunity you need to write it.  I don’t know what your motivation may be, but here’s the opportunity.  I’ll even consider republishing a post you really just love and are particularly proud of.  I’m going to be contacting a few people individually.  I do have the right to say no to a submission, if I feel it doesn’t fit the tone of my blog.  I also reserve the right to do editing, if I feel it’s necessary.  There are a few of you who I’d really like to participate.  I will of course link to any personal public blogs by the authors.  I plan on publishing about five of these.

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  1. January 21, 2011 12:14 am

    Look at the bright side–you get to start all over accumulating stuff. Or not accumulating it. And books are way more important than furniture.

    It’s an opportunity to redecorate a little at a time.

    Maybe you can find a cheapo laptop stand at a Goodwill or thrift shop.

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