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How to Survive an Indian Wedding (When You’re American)

February 2, 2011

My Motto for All Things Indian

1. Remember the three T’s: Things Take Time

2. Know that even if things take time, it all gets done before the day. Or so the bride has been told. 

3. Recognize that you, the control freak, are powerless in the planning of said wedding.

4. Admit your American sensibilities for how much in advance something for a wedding should be planned are far, far, far removed from those of your Indian relatives. 

5. Don’t let the panic show in your e-mails and phone calls.  Particularly when the wedding is still weeks away.  Whole weeks!

6. When your husband calls to tell you (six weeks before the wedding and after the invitations have been sent out) that they are thinking of moving the venue, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you love him very, very much.  Hey, it might be a better venue, right?

7. Have faith that your tailor-made dresses will get done in time even if they haven’t been started with only a month to go.  There’s an army of cheap labor waiting to do your bidding (and the in-laws bidding, as well, since you have little control over any of it.)

8. Try to get over your American sensibilities about cheap labor.

9. Stop eating a week before the wedding if you have any hope of being within ten pounds of your normal weight after the wedding is over. 

10. Remind yourself of Rule 4 a couple of times a day.

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  1. February 2, 2011 11:54 pm

    Go with the flow!

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