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Still Moving

July 7, 2011

I flew to New York over the holiday weekend to finish up whatever I could of the move. I’ve left thousands of dollars of stuff in NY with no hope of really getting it because it will cost thousands more to get all of it, and we just don’t have that. But I did ship about 25 boxes and with my company’s discount, it cost us almost nothing. They are arriving today and I’m very, Very, VERY excited to get my food processor. (Yes, I’m that big of a nerd.)

I also took the time to see my talented, lovely hairdresser and he graciously chopped off my hair. Liberation! Freedom! I love short hair. It’s so much better, and now when we go to the pool I won’t have this five-minute struggle over whether or not it’s worth it to get the hair wet.

New York was interesting. I love NYC in the summer. I also love it in the fall, but that’s pretty much it. And the winter is so long, but it was nice to be there in July. The city was empty since so many people leave for the holiday weekend. I always loved the city on holiday weekend’s, because you can always find a seat on the subway, always get right in the restaurant, and those who stay are usually just a little more friendly, because the rude ones have left. Speaking of subways – Holy Mass Transit, did I miss my car! I had so much to do and I was running around the city like a chicken with its head cut off, wishing desperately I could just get in a car and drive where I needed to go. I lost two hours on Friday that I really needed, because I went to the wrong place to find moving boxes.

But the worst part of the trip wasn’t what I left behind, it was what I forgot to bring – my camera. I was really excited to take some shots. In the end, I doubt I would have had time, but it still would have been nice to try. I need to go back for a photo taking trip. That is one thing about New York that is definitely lacking here – the photo moments, the photographic places. I mean they exist here, but not in the same way, and not in the same quantity. New York was made for photographers.

The trip was about two days too short. I didn’t get everything done, and I really needed to finish some of that stuff up. Some good things happened as well, namely that a girl decided to take the empty room for a few days, and that will really help with the expenses. I am looking forward to going back, though, when it’s not business. I want to enjoy time with my friends, and see the city as a tourist again. Soon. For now I’m happy to be back in Florida, where the summer has fully arrived and it rains everyday at some point. I do like these storms.

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