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Thot Bunnies – A List

February 1, 2012


Inspired in part by my dear friend Amy (who just had a boy!) and her most recent blog post and in another part by the way my brain is currently (not) organizing thoughts lately. I feel that the only way to get all the random stuff down that I wanted to blog about was to just make a list.

1. I recently discovered two new favorites words/phrases. The first is obvious: plot bunnies. So cute! So dastardly! So frequent! Just as frequently forgotten because I don’t write them down. Sigh. The second is earworm. Gross, yes, but also so accurately descriptive of the problem. There might be a few of you who say “*Eyeroll* I’ve been using those words for years!” and my response is a hearty “Whatever.”

2. It took moving far enough away that I now have to commute 35-45 minutes each way in order to get comfortable – well and truly comfortable – with the stick. But now I’m pretty good at the down shifting. Damn traffic.

3. I need to start shooting in lower ISO’s. My non-viable solution to this is to buy this lens. The other, even better solution is to actually learn photography.

4. Along the same lines, there’s so much I want to learn how to do, and I just feel lost. Like I’ll never learn any of it because it’s all too much. Sometimes I think there’s something wrong with me and I can’t pick one thing and just stick to it. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • some photography classes – particularly how to shoot indoor shots better
  • woodworking class, specifically how to work a router, how to work a jig saw properly, how to
  • scratch that, just add “learn how to be the ultimate handyman” to the list to encompass the many, many things I’m dying to learn.
  • does learn how to engineer an LED board get included in handyman stuff? probably not, so there’s that
  • learn Hindi – like stat.
  • learn Spanish

5. My thoughts are so disjointed that I have to put lists in my lists. Jeez.

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