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DIY Diaper Cake

November 19, 2012

Most of the DIY diaper cakes that I’ve seen took a lot of rolling and rubber-banding. But when my friend, Senorita, and I got together we didn’t have the time to spend hours doing that.

I looked on Pinterest and saw a bunch of swirled diaper cakes. Meaning the diapers sort of swirled around each other. We decided to try that first, and I’m really glad we did. Not only does our friend not have to worry about unrolling the diapers when she wants to use them, but it was faster and used less waste.

We made a cardboard bottom and measured out the ribbon to make a sort of “fence” for the diapers. Temporarily taping the ribbon (in case we needed to adjust) we started outside and worked our way in, filling in the “fence” more and more. We made it rather large accidentally and were really glad we had 200 diapers to work with because we used almost all of them! I ended up sowing the ribbons together after each tier so they wouldn’t come undone from the pressure.

After four tiers, we topped it off with a cute stuffed lamb I picked up and stuffed the goodies in the ribbons. Honestly, it was a little stressful, but in the end very easy to do. And we got rave reviews at the party.

BTW, the baby shower was so much fun. No games, just great food, great conversation, and some funny moments. Also some really cute baby clothes!


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